Learn more about software that helps to develop and operate our quantum computers and simulators.

Understanding Rydberg atoms

For our quantum computing as well as quantum simulation projects, a precise understanding of the properties of Rydberg atoms is required. To calculate the interaction between Rydberg atoms, we use the pairinteraction software that we have extended to include strontium. We apply realistic simulations of Rydberg quantum gates to develop new protocols and find optimal experimental parameters for implementing the gates with high fidelity.

Emulating Rydberg quantum computers

Together with Prof. Simone Montangero’s group (Institute for Complex Quantum Systems at Ulm University and Department of Physics and Astronomy at Padua University), we are working on emulators for the Rydberg quantum computer, allowing users to become acquainted with the gates and shift operations of the QRydDemo platform. We are planning to provide public access to a tensor-network-based simulator for quantum circuits.

Schematic view of the software pipeline to connect users to the quantum computer

Compilation of quantum circuits

HQS Quantum Simulations develops a compiler for our platform, supporting shift operations as well as multi-qubit gates that are specific to our platform.

In collaboration with Prof. Ilia Polian’s group (Institute of Computer Architecture and Computer Engineering, University of Stuttgart) and funded by the IQST Grad School, algorithms for compiling quantum circuits are developed. Recently, we investigated the gain in performance of a Rydberg platform by the ability to shift qubits during the runtime of a quantum circuit.