Rydberg Quantum Computers & Simulators made in Stuttgart.


In the very south-west corner of Germany, we work towards realizing fully functional quantum computers and quantum simulators made in THE LÄND Baden-Württemberg. Our research laboratories can be found at the 5th Institute of Physics (University of Stuttgart). We can built on more than 15 years of fundamental research on Rydberg atoms, to now turn powerful scientific concepts into real-world applications.

Visit our projects, to learn how we aim to realize a quantum computer demonstrator with hundreds of qubits, study novel qubits concepts for quantum simulation, or develop key technology needed to improve the performance of our machines.

Our quantum machines are built at the
University of Stuttgart
Baden-Württemberg (Germany)


Our machines utilize individually controlled Strontium atoms as qubits. To this end, we employ laser-cooling to chill our atoms down to temperatures just a millionth of a degree above absolute zero. Under these almost ideal conditions, the atoms can be arranged in versatile and scalable qubit arrays using optical tweezers. Exciting the atoms to Rydberg states with lasers, allows us to let them interact in a highly controlled way, which is key to perform high-fidelity quantum computations and simulations.

Latest News


Hundreds of qubits

The QRydDemo project aims to realize a Rydberg quantum computer demonstrator scalable to hundreds of qubits with a novel dynamical connectiviy.

Longer coherence times

The CiRQus project investigates alternative qubit concepts using circular Rydberg atoms with the aim to boost the coherence time of Rydberg atom quantum simulators.

Cutting-edge technology

As member of the QZell project, we work with partners from academia and industry to advance optical components of Rydberg atom quantum processors.

Error correction

As partner in the Muni-QC project, we aim to develop experimental tools and methods towards quantum error correction for our neutral Rydberg atom processor.

European infrastructure

Within the EuRyQa consortium, we contribute to a common quantum computing stack for Rydberg atoms and key technology for fault-tolerant quantum computing with Rydberg atoms.