Career Opportunities in THE QUANTUM LÄND.

Do you share our excitement about the possibilties of neutral atom quantum computers and simulators and want to join our team? We have current openings for PhD and Postdocs on our quantum computing and quantum simulation projects QRydDemo and CiRQus, and Muni-QC.

What is your passion?

The development of our quantum computers and simulators combines research on fundamental scientific questions with high-level complex control engineering tasks.

You are excited to get the best out of our atomic qubits to tackle real-world applications and willing to take the challenge to work on complex optical assemblies, large-scale control hardware, cutting-edge laser technology, and remote programming interfaces?

PhD students / Postdocs

Currently, we have multiple openings for PhD students (experimental) and Postdocs and are looking for candidates, preferably with a strong background in atom trapping, active optics, or complex control engineering.

We can offer you working in an enthusiastic international team led by experimental and theoretical experts in atomic and many-body quantum physics. Within our projects, you will work in teams collaborating with world-leading academic and industry partners.

We are hiring!

If you are intersted in our recent openings for PhD and Postdocs, do not hesitate to contact Dr. Florian Meinert and Prof. Tilman Pfau for more details.